Chiropractic and Acupuncture Practice, Colorado Springs

I was approached by a chiropractor and acupuncturist to assist with creating a relaxing environment for her new practice location.  She is moving out of a big old Victorian with a lot of history into a fresh, smaller and more modern office space.  Her request for the space was for a calm, zen-like space for her patients, so often in extreme pain, to be able to relax and rest in, yet she wanted to hold space for her scientific tendencies and teaching mind.  We agreed to leave all of the ornate antique furniture behind (a couple of small tables had to come along for now), and open the new space to a softer feel.  Her treatment pieces had to come along, of course, including adjustment table, acupuncture table, acupuncture recliner, glider for acupuncture, and a massage table.  The reception area includes a chair and sofa brought from the old location, but otherwise we needed to start with a clean slate for this area.  Of course, as with many small businesses, it was important to remain cost-conscious through the whole process.


I even got to help put up the signage on the windows and door.  That was a new experience, but not tough at all.  A great solution for the frontage.  An additional large sign will face the street.


We played with this space quite a bit.  There were a couple of different iterations during the move-in process, as plans for the space changed.  The space actually serves two purposes: reception and waiting room, as well as a private area for patients to stretch prior to treatment.  The stretching area was created using rice paper screens purchased at Hobby Lobby.  The reception desk area is comprised of various pieces from IKEA: a table, two shelf extensions, a locking printer cabinet.  The rolling ball chair was brought from the prior location.  The other items in the reception area are also from IKEA: side table, tall locking file cabinet, curtains and sheers, glass vase with colored glass filler rocks and twisted white branches.  The curtain rod and throw pillows came from Bed Bath and Beyond, as did the bamboo window cling to add privacy to one of the treatment room windows that faces the reception area. The pretty blue bowl was a fun find at Marshall’s.  There were little added touches I took care of, too, like putting the plants in matching baskets from Michael’s (all of the pots were mismatched) and getting a small wind chime for the door (Hobby Lobby), as the opening and closing is quite soft, and it’s nice to have a gentle notice when someone uses the door.

DSC_0022   IMG_3689DSC_0002   IMG_3694DSC_0021   DSC_0041

DSC_0003   IMG_3693DSC_0001   IMG_3692

DSC_0010   IMG_3690IMG_3695   IMG_3700

Treatment Room #1

This room is the main chiropractic adjustment room.  As such, the doctor is letting her scientific mind shine through with the muscular and skeletal system posters.  These large posters had nowhere to live but in storage at her prior location.  I took them to a local business print/copy center and had them laminated, then placed them on the wall using 3M Command Strips.  She has already found patients look at the posters to tell her where things hurt, so the posters are a win all around!  I brought in a small mirror per patient request to have a place to check makeup after treatment.  Like the reception area, the curtains and sheers are from IKEA and the rods are from Bed Bath and Beyond.  The trashed vinyl mini blinds were replaced with cell blinds from Home Depot.  These let in enough light, hold back some of the afternoon heat in this southwest-facing corner room, and provide plenty of privacy for the patients.  The patient chair and side table are also from IKEA.  There was a smaller table in this room that was brought from the old location, but initial patient comments said that it was too low and uncomfortable to bend down to get their things after treatment.  The half-circle table is much higher and fits the space well.

DSC_0015   DSC_0029DSC_0019   IMG_3682

   DSC_0018   IMG_3684

Treatment Room #2

This space is an acupuncture treatment room as well as her office.  In the old location, she didn’t have a sufficient office space, and ended up taking all of her work home.  That’s not a good plan if you ever want to have family time!  So, she picked a desk that she really liked from IKEA.  We found artwork that she loves and put it up over the desk (also IKEA).  The tall jar next to her desk came from Marshall’s, and the river rocks inside are from Hobby Lobby.  The white branches and patient chair are from IKEA, as is the small natural wood cabinet to hold her supplies.  The recliner was moved to Treatment Room #3 after some of these photos were taken.  Eventually, the blank wall at the end of the room will have 2 framed embroidery pieces.

DSC_0008   DSC_0048DSC_0007   DSC_0049DSC_0004   DSC_0045DSC_0005   IMG_3697

DSC_0006   IMG_3698

Treatment Room #3

This room is primarily for acupuncture, but it also serves as a massage room on Wednesdays when a massage therapist uses the space.  In the final plan, the recliner came in here and the glider went to Treatment Room #2.  I forgot to take photos of that change.  As mentioned above, the window in the room faces the reception area, so privacy is needed.  It was covered with a privacy window cling from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I also put up a wrap-around curtain rod (from BBB) and simple curtains to match the decor from Marshall’s.  These curtains can be pulled for extra room-darkening and privacy.

DSC_0012   DSC_0023

DSC_0014   DSC_0028

DSC_0027   DSC_0025


Bathrooms are funny, as folks might not like to look at them much, but when it comes to being in one, you don’t want it to be nasty!  I didn’t take any “before” photos, but here is one of the “after”.  The bird artwork was purchased at IKEA and the swirly blue metal tree came from Hobby Lobby.


Welcome to Young Chiropractic and Acupuncture, PC!



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