Ridgefield Lane, Colorado

This time helping my sister move was a whole new adventure.  She not only moved to a bigger place, she also combined households with her significant other, Paul, and his three children.  This house was fun to do, and is still in progress, as there are more items to be purchased, but not everything can be done at once.  This is a 5-bedroom, 2-bath, 3-story home with amazing views of Pikes Peak and the Air Force Academy.  The kids’ rooms aren’t completed yet (except one), and they are mostly doing the decorating themselves.  Here we go…

DSC_0389  DSC_0010

DSC_0386  DSC_0001

DSC_0388  DSC_0003DSC_0002  DSC_0007   DSC_0059

The formal front living room proved large enough for both her fantastic Scandinavian Designs sofa and her grand piano.  It also made the perfect place for the large rug Paul brought into the mix.  He didn’t have a lot of “must haves”, but he did want to make sure we used the large rugs he has and his grandfather clock.  We pulled down the heavy red tapestry drapes and replaced them with teal sheers from IKEA.  We also picked up a couple of accent pillows in gold and teal from Bed Bath and Beyond.  Everything else in this room was already owned and worked out well in the space.

DSC_0424  DSC_0062DSC_0394  DSC_0047

Moving into the open informal living room and kitchen area, we were able to get the owners to paint over the red on the fireplace and kitchen bar to match the rest of the walls.  While the color might work well for some, it absolutely clashed with everything we were trying to place in there.  The ottoman/coffee table was a Craigslist find, but otherwise, everything in the living area was owned and just needed a place to be.  I replaced the navy striped curtains that were in the space with some orange sheers.  The view is amazing, so the biggest challenge in this space was dealing with multiple focal points: the TV, the fireplace and Pikes Peak.

DSC_0392  DSC_0045  DSC_0050   DSC_0043

This area is open to the kitchen, so it was important there be some continuity in colors.  Reds and oranges spread to both.  With her love of all things French, and particularly vintage French ads, we were thrilled to find fabric for the kitchen window valances on Spoonflower.

DSC_0396  DSC_0054DSC_0400  DSC_0057DSC_0053  DSC_0055

The table and chairs constituted 3 different Craigslist finds: the 2 red chairs with black gingham seats, the 4 rush ladder-back chairs and the table.  Together they make a fun and eclectic mix, bringing some whimsy into the space.  And yes, part of my service when moving is to help put things away, so I was part of the kitchen unpacking.  This also means I get texts once in awhile saying, “If I were a ______, where would I be?”

DSC_0420  DSC_0024

The powder room got a couple of pieces of artwork, but was otherwise left alone.  Not much you can do about a black toilet and sink in a rental!

On to the master bedroom on the main floor.

DSC_0407  DSC_0012DSC_0408  DSC_0013DSC_0410  DSC_0021 DSC_0409  DSC_0014

For this room, there was a lot of space to fill, and an amazing view not to be obstructed.  They picked out a bedroom set from DirectBuy, which included the bed, dresser and 2 nightstands.  The bedding was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They wanted a soothing, hotel-type feel, so we went with brown, cream and a soft green-blue.  These colors are all in the rug which was requested to go in this room, and as you can see, the accent paint in this room is also a chocolate brown.  A meaningful small rug was hung from a wood dowel over the dresser.  The floral bunting valances in this room were tricky.  They are attached rather permanently to the wall and boards over the windows.  So, my sister got creative with several yards of cream fabric and wrapped it around the existing valances.  Fortunately, the cream drapes worked out well for this.  We’re still on the search for a chaise lounge to place near the windows, and a sculpture or other art piece to place over the fireplace.  Decorating doesn’t always happen in a day!  Sometimes it takes time to find what you really want.

DSC_0438  DSC_0071

Upstairs, there are 3 bedrooms and a full bath.   The upstairs bathroom didn’t take much, just a shower curtain, towels and artwork.

   DSC_0428  DSC_0073

The upstairs hallway has several odd alcoves, so I did my best to find things that fit in them, including Paul’s gargoyle collection which my sister wasn’t all that excited to look at often!

DSC_0437  DSC_0065DSC_0436  DSC_0066

This is the only bedroom I’ve had an opportunity to help with so far.  The 12-year-old who inhabits this space enjoys all things girly.  We found the fun duvet cover, curtains and accessories at IKEA, as well as the stool and desk.  The daybed was purchased at a local furniture store, and the bulletin board and magnetic board came from Michael’s.  Rug, shelves, and Paris artwork were all re-purposed for this room.

DSC_0446  DSC_0027

The family room portion of the basement is a big, long room.  The pool table was already there, and unmovable, so we worked around it.  Fortunately, the colors worked for the space!  The bar table and chairs came downstairs, as well as the wine country posters, as there is a wine cellar in the basement as well.

DSC_0042  DSC_0029

The French posters were a great Craigslist find that tie into the rest of the home’s decor as well as the colors.  The large collage picture frame was purchased at Michael’s.

DSC_0473  DSC_0032

There is an awkward TV viewing area at the far south end of the room, so we worked with the space to make it a cozy hangout area for the kids and their friends.

DSC_0454  DSC_0033

There is a small room with a window and nothing else, so it became the exercise room.

DSC_0458  DSC_0034

The basement bathroom was again a basic fix, with towels, art and a shower curtain.

DSC_0472  DSC_0036

There is a large bedroom in the basement that became the office space.  My sister works from home when she’s not travelling, so it was important to her to have a space she liked and one with a view.  The southwest facing window means a straight-shot view of Pikes Peak, so we put her desk in front of that window.  This corner of the room is her space.

DSC_0470  DSC_0038  

This is a view back out the entry door.  The small door on the right is a walk-in closet.  We purchased the bookcase in the corner at Target to hold all of Paul’s books and memorabilia.  This was the only piece purchased for this room.

DSC_0471  DSC_0039

Paul’s desk faces the wall, so I hung all of his important mementos over his desk.  I also organized their large basement storage room, but it didn’t really warrant photos. 🙂


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