DTC, Denver

I helped a friend downsize from a home into a two-bedroom apartment.  This was my first work with a single male, and he mostly put everything into my hands to make it happen.  I covered this move from packing, to unpacking and organizing the kitchen and bathroom, to decorating the whole place.  This took two days to complete.


The apartment has an open floor plan with the living room and kitchen sharing the main area.


IMG_1017IMG_1041IMG_1016 IMG_1038

The bathroom is HUGE.  The large open wall was the perfect place to hang the large IKEA Paris canvas.

IMG_1018 IMG_1033

Added a little color to the hallway between the kitchen/living room and the master bedroom and bathroom.


Organized all of the kitchen cupboards and added decorative touches to the modern kitchen.

IMG_1020 DSC_0360

The king bed was a challenge to place in this master bedroom.  There weren’t any walls without windows where it would fit, hence the placement under the smaller of the two windows.

IMG_1021 IMG_1030IMG_1023 DSC_0365   IMG_1031

Admittedly, I let him organize his own closet and clothes.  I just made the rest of the room a restful place.


The second bedroom was put together with guests in mind, but we also made a spot for a small desk for his computer.  The closet in this room was organized by me as well.


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Aspiring to inspire through organization and revitalization of spaces.

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