Platt Park, Denver

As mentioned in a previous post, shortly after finishing one of my sister’s prior moves, she was robbed.  After moving back to Colorado, and jumping around a little bit, she settled on this little duplex in Denver.  Since it isn’t that big, we were able to use all of her things from her prior space, but since it was enough bigger she was able to move her grand piano back into her home.  We were also able to pull in some other items she had waiting for her in Colorado.

IMG_0976 DSC_0018 IMG_0975 DSC_0022 IMG_0978DSC_0023

The living room became three different spaces: the TV/couch area, the piano, and the dining area.  Opting to have the piano in the room, meant we stayed with the previously-purchased bar table and stools, as the set fit the space nicely.


IMG_0981  DSC_0020

The “tulip” chair ended up in the corner by the doorway to the hall/entry.


Similar scenes as past locations in the kitchen.  We added the barstools to the end of the microwave cart for a place to sit.

IMG_0991DSC_0002 IMG_0990DSC_0004 DSC_0007

Again, the bedroom looks similar.  It is all about fitting what you have into new spaces.

DSC_0010DSC_0011 DSC_0012

In the bathroom, we added a shelf over the toilet for much needed storage, as well as a corner tension shelf in the tub for the same reason.


The duplex has 2 bedrooms, so we were able to use one as her office and a reading space.

IMG_0988DSC_0015       IMG_0987DSC_0014

And there you have it!  Another successful move and decorate job!


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Aspiring to inspire through organization and revitalization of spaces.

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