Palo Alto Bungalow

This was the first time someone actually paid to fly me to their home and help organize and decorate.  When I arrived, the furniture was nearly wherever the movers had left it and Amy had been making do for a week or so.  I sent her off to work and got to work myself.  A tricky space with awkward doors and narrow spaces, but I think it turned out well!  I spent a day working, a day shopping and a day finishing up.  This included organizing a linen closet and outdoor carport area.


I changed the focal wall of the living room from the west side (between 2 windows) to the east side, allowing for a more open floor plan.


She works from home, so it was important to incorporate a work space into the layout.  The easiest place to accommodate this need was in the living room, set apart from the rest of the living area.


She has a lot of big and unique pieces that were challenging but important to fit into the space.  I made use of the built-in shelves and storage to help accommodate everything.


Accessories such as pillows and vases, if not already owned, were purchased at a local design store, West Elm, Target and Crate & Barrel.  Her living room colors were already yellow and gray, but we pulled in a little turquoise to tie into other rooms in her home.

DSC_0121IMG_0508  IMG_0509

For now, the bike needed to live in the kitchen.  However, a few months after I left, it was replaced with a dining table and chairs.

DSC_0140   DSC_0250

I reorganized and put away many things in the linen closet.  I also removed the shelf that was behind the clothes in order for things to fit better.


This narrow hallway was tricky.  With doors to the linen closet, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and kitchen, there isn’t much space.  The large black shelf (which was in front of the door to the living room)   was moved to the kitchen and all of the rest of the boxes were put away in closets.  She wanted a space for all of her family photos, and the hallway wall proved perfect.  I created a collage wall that she would look at often with so many reasons to pass through the hallway!


The bathroom was mostly an organizational effort: finding places to store things, making the space usable.  I hung some artwork that is special to her and utilized her new turquoise/gray/white rugs and other towels I found.


Her bedroom was a fun transition.  Re-positioning the bed opened the room up.  I brought in the turquoise table that no longer fit in her living room.  We accented with other teal pieces and brought in a small touch of red, which was meaningful to her.


The chandelier had been in a box for several years and we found just the spot for it!  The framed tin tile works great in the space as well.


She wasn’t sure what to think when I persuaded her to buy the red branch at Crate and Barrel, but it is the perfect unique piece to bring another splash of red into the room.


I added a few decorative items by the front door to make it more welcoming.


In the yard, she wanted a space for entertaining, with a goal of eventually getting a table set.  In the meantime, I moved an unused cart to the back with the chairs.  We bought outdoor string lights from Wal-mart to create a fun atmosphere, and I strung them between the trellis wall of her neighbor’s carport and the eaves of her house.


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