Pacific Heights, San Francisco

As sort of an annual event, I just helped my sister move again.  She flew me back to San Francisco to assist in her transition from 1150 square feet to about 700 square feet.  There was a lot of downsizing involved in this move, and also some creative thinking when it came to the appropriate layout and use of her new space.  We didn’t buy much this time around, as it was mostly about getting rid of things.

As you enter the apartment, there is a long, narrow hall, and at the end is the kitchen.  This is the view upon entering the kitchen.  At the back left is a laundry room and fire escape.  The back right nook is the sink and cabinets.  She needed more counter space and a place for appliances, so we picked up a microwave cart off Craigslist.  She sold the large dining table and chairs from her previous apartment and she bought this bar set with 4 stools instead.

DSC_0001DSC_0021DSC_0004DSC_0019DSC_0025  Due to another situation of insufficient cupboard space, the china and stemware once again found a home on the shelves from IKEA.

DSC_0005DSC_0027 DSC_0029

The bathroom is pretty boring, of course, but it gets artwork and color as well, so you get photos!


The bedroom was mostly a matter of making things fit.  We got creative with how to hang the pictures on the walls due to the age of the building.  She ordered the circular silver rug from that fits the space perfectly.


The narrow living room was challenging, and it has to double as a work space.  She chose the bay window area for the work space, and we were able to find some small tension rods to hold up curtains, as there was no way to get rods into that old plaster (plus she couldn’t, per the lease).  Everything from her prior space fit, though she did have to part with the round coffee table.

DSC_0037DSC_0033   DSC_0032

The other odd thing to contend with was the built-in heater.  That is the boxy thing next to the chair.  It gets hot, so you can’t put anything too close to it.


In the hallway, we placed 2 cube shelf units that we picked up at Target, along with some baskets.  These shelves were desperately needed for cookbooks, bathroom items, and other storage as the apartment is just so small.

P.S.  Sadly, a few short months after this apartment was completed, my sister was robbed and many of the items from the photos were taken.


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