Mountain Shadows, Colorado Springs

I’ve been helping a friend with some projects in her home.  She is working to make the space her own, and I am so pleased to be able to help her with these endeavors!

First stop, the storage/craft rooms in the basement.  These little rooms are small and awkward and had become a dumping ground for everything crafty, decorative, or a project “to do”.  The storage room was actually a darkroom in a former incarnation, so there are some odd pipes and such in there.  This was an organizational project, first and foremost.  There really wasn’t a lot of “decorating” involved.  The idea was to make this space functional again.   We definitely made some progress.  Much fabric was cleared out to make way for projects she actually wanted to do.  In fact, within 2 hours of posting a huge lot on Craigslist, the fabric was GONE and she had cash in hand!  A great lesson in cleaning out. 🙂  Here are the before and after photos:

Before: Basement Rooms Entry                         After: Basement Rooms Entry

                         After: Storage Room

Before: Storage Room                         After: Storage Room

Before: Built-in Desk                          After: Built-in Desk

Before: Built-in Closet                         After: Built-in Closet

And just for fun, I helped to re-organize her out-of-control pantry, too!

Before: Pantry Shelves                         After: Pantry Shelves

Before: Pantry Floor                         After: Pantry Floor


About Caroline

Aspiring to inspire through organization and revitalization of spaces.

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  1. I love organization ideas…nice post!

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