East Hill, Kent

In this house, lives a strong woman fighting stage 4 breast cancer that spread from her breast to her liver and bones.  She is a wife.  She is a daughter.  She is a mother to a beautiful 8-year-old daughter and spirited 6-year-old twin boys.  I wanted to help her love her home.  They have lived in this home for about 4 years and it needed color.  But life and then her illness stopped the process.  During my visit, we transformed her living room, dining room, kitchen and family room with mostly paint.  We did buy some things — a chair, a large vase, a mirror, a shelf, some small decor items.  Really, though, this was about bringing life and color to their space.  I didn’t take any “before” photos.  But just imagine all of the walls white, and maybe the rooms not quite so homey.

The Living Room:  Wall color “Smokey Mauve” by Glidden, #GLN07.   We put the color on the front wall, the major wall shared with the dining room, and the short wall by the front door.  There will eventually be a console table under the tree print, a matching side table, and a coffee table.  All will be dark espresso wood with basic lines.  Large clock over door, metal elephant tealight holder and wooden elephant clock on side table, Logan armless chair and giraffe canvas print (all Cost Plus World Market), large vase (Pier One), sticks (IKEA).

After: Front Room                         Favorite corner

After: Dining Room looking toward Living Room                         After: Dining Room

After: Dining Room                         After: Kitchen

Dining Room: Wall color “Warm Caramel” by Glidden, #GLN01
As I mentioned above, the dining room shares the large wall with the living room.  So the two remaining walls in the dining room were painted this warm brown. The windows provide light, but sort of an awkward wall to deal with.  The shelf (IKEA) provided a good way to tie them down to the room itself, without having to hang something too low that diners would bump into it.  Photo frames (IKEA), elephant clock (Cost Plus World Market), other items (owned).

Kitchen and Family Room: Wall color “Prairie Sage” by Glidden, #GLG22
Red accents are important to her, as she has a few things in her kitchen (including a red Kitchenaid!) that she really likes.  The red is carried a little into the family room as well. There are now four canvases in the family room hanging on either side of the fireplace/TV that came from Pier One.  They have a little of the green in them, but contrast nicely with some tan/brown/terracotta and blue tones.  They have a transportation theme (her husband works for Boeing and all the boys in the house are big fans of planes!).  The large white framed mirror over the couch is from IKEA, and really helps to open and brighten the space.

After: Living Room                        After: Living Room


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